Al Wolley

Hans Hansen
Always reliable and ready to help others with soft advice and the motto "Whatever it Takes!" That pretty much rounds it all up about our lovely Hans.

Raguhbir Singh

We cannot even imagine our meetings without our tailtwister Raguhbir and his funny jokes.  

Meet Al Woolly our president and a very lovely fellow. Al is always there for the club, and it seems like he never runs out of energy. Always ready to help others with a smile that never fails to make you feel welcomed. His passion is geared towards helping others and for the good of lionism. 

recent programs

We support not just our closest community in Brampton area but also other clubs in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as international wise. Our recent program is Lions Quest. 

fundraising History

Our president

Jackie Calabrese
Meet Jackie our everyoung soul of every party and event. What would we do without her energizing and contagious laugh. 

meet our  team

We Serve


Giving back to the community makes you realize   how good it feels to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Find out how to become a member of our club

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

Gillian Walker
Meet our Treasurer Gillian that with her genuine smile  and the soft spoke can make those cold number seem pretty warm too. 

Brampton Village Lions Club